New York Unemployment Benefits Requirements

If you live and work in New York and have been fired and you find yourself temporarily without work through no fault causes, then you qualify to receive New York unemployment benefits. In order to be eligible, you must meet three requirements: there is a minimum earning you had to earn in your last job, you need to be without work through no fault on your own causes and you must be available to work.

The state will look to your former work history to see if you earned wages in two of the four calendar quarters of the base period, earnings at least $1,600 in the highest paid and having total earnings of 13,455 in the base period. No fault of your own means that you are out of work cause because reduction in force, economic reasons of the company or failing to meet the productivity of the company. If you were dismissed because of misconduct, you cannot be eligible.

One of the requisites s being able to work, available and looking for a job, so you will need to keep records of your searches. The New York agency has still not decided if Uber drivers are independent contractors or employees, so some may be not eligible yet.