Kathleen Madigan Youtube Channel

If you have never seen Kathleen Madigan youtube channel, I do not know what you doing with your life. This American Standup comedian also stars in a lot of television programs other than her shows. She makes observational kind of jokes using her own experiences with her family and friends. She is single, and she uses as part of their jokes too, comparing herself to a married woman with no money and no time.

She grew up in Saint Louis and attended University of Missouri about two years but she graduates from Southern Illinois University earning a BA in journalism. She worked as a journalist and at the same time, she started performing stand up comedy encouraged by her dad, who is often part of her jokes as an ethical man.

Her popularity has grown fast and furious and she god a paid job at the Funny Bone, with thirty weeks of tickets sold and nothing has stopped her ever since. She made appearances in Last Comic Standing, I love the 80’s 3D, Comedy Central Presents, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Blue Collar Comedy, among others. You can see a great deal of her work on Youtube if you still do not know her.