Dr Johnny Franco Free Consultation

Dr Johnny Franco‘s popularity is increasing day after day in the medicine world. He specializes in plastic surgery and made the Brazilian Butt Lift popular in the media. The plastic surgeon is a graduated from the University of Texas and served his residency at Saint Louis University School, completing additional residence in Chan Gung Hospital in Taiwan where he has learnt microsurgery for cancer reconstruction.

He has received many academic awards for his achievements and he is Clinical Faculty at Florida International University. The Brazilian Butt Lift is one of the most popular consultations at his office, as he is able to achieve natural butt augmentation transforming the shape performing liposuction if necessary to use fat in augmentation resulting in a natural look.

In a recent interview, he declares that patients are very worried about how they are going to look after the surgery and for that reason, he is incorporating Crisalix 3D imaging system, an interactive simulator for augmentation that is completely based in three photos of the patient and some measurements so patients can compare the before and ate and feel more relax about taking the final decision. The system has proven to improve the chances of success of different types of surgical and non surgical procedures.