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February 26, 2008


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Nor had he really invented that first artifical heart (note misleading title of his biography to the left), and the ads had to be changed to point out he invented the "Jarvik artificial heart" after his former colleagues complained.

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since we now know that Pfizer misrepresented Jarvik's role as the inventor of the artificial heart, since Pfizer misrepresented Jarvik's role as an athletic rower, and since Pfizer misrepresented Jarvik's ability to prescribe Lipitor, and we also now know that Pfizer paid Jarvik over a million bucks to allow them to do all these misrepresentations.

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JarvikhuhNor had he really invented that first artifical heart (note misleading title of his biography to the left), and the ads had to be changed to point out he invented the "Jarvik artificial heart" after his former colleagues complained.

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I wonder is there really much point in having the lesser teams there wasting a fortune? No one ever notices them unless there is a big accident. They have no chance of getting on the podium. Even Mercedes can't.

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