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September 19, 2007


federal firearms licenses

That's pretty funny stuff.

I think Pfizer will survive. Even if every single other product they have flopped like the Exubera bong, they still have Viagra!

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The new bird feeders are really starting to look good

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Sales of Pfizer Inc's Exubera bong for inhaled insulin have been just terrible. Instead of the planned $2 billion blockbuster Pfizer has sold only $4 million in a year. So now the chase is on to convert unsold Exubera bongs to something useful.

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Nor had he really invented that first artifical heart (note misleading title of his biography to the left), and the ads had to be changed to point out he invented the "Jarvik artificial heart" after his former colleagues complained.

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You'd think when we for once write something postitive about Pfizer, they wouldn't immediately disprove us by demonstrating how crooked they really are, but they did.


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