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September 05, 2007


Pharma Giles

If you remember "hypothesis" = "cash", then it all makes sense.

John Mack

Good points!

I should have used the "hypothesis generating" weasel statement when I released the results of the Pharma Blogosphere Reader Survey! D'Oh!

Pharma follies

Pharmas research-driven?


Jack Friday

Go Peter go!

johnny blaze

Excellent analysis, Peter!

One thing: Enough with the blanket statements about "healthcare journalists". Like it or not, you're one of us now... And a welcome addition to the flock.)

Rock on.


Sorry, Peter, you missed this one. If Zocor was still under patent you would have been right. However, with simvastatin being a cheap generic and Lipitor being an expensive patented drug the biggest reason patients are being switched is simply and purely to SAVE MONEY! Penny wise but pound foolish it seems.


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