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March 26, 2007


Joan Russo, Ph.D.

This is a great post. I love your Blog and this comment comes with the best intentions. Excuse me while I hobble up on my soap box, but I take serious issue with you using the words "reports of suicide" in talking about these RCT results.

First, there were NO suicides in either group.

Second, suicide ideation, is very common in young distressed especially OBESE young adults (ah.. I am in a clinical trial cause mommy is worried about me).

Third, I think it is great that the kids FEEL like they can tell the research staff about their inner most feelings, that is, thoughts of death. Maybe we should all play some MM...

Fourth, in my many years of data analysis, and I say this with little hesitation: There are been very very few modifiers of antidepressant medication treatment that have been tested. And the modifiers that HAVE been tested (e.g., age, gender, racial ethnicity) have in general not been statistically significant. This is due to many factors: lack of statistical power due to small sample sizes, no real modification, capitalization on chance findings. HOWEVER, there have been significant modification of SSRIs treatment by education, SES and... my personal favorites - prior treatment history, baseline depressive severity level, chemical dependency status and education.

In my mind, the best way to tell if a kid has suicidal thoughts is to see if he/she is smoking or using drugs.

Kids will increase their dopamine when they are hurting, its evolutionary.




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